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How do I multi-select files?
How do I multi-select files?

Manage multiple files at once using multi-select.

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If you want to multi-select files to either share, download, edit, etc., hover over a file and click the box in the top right corner to select it - OR - drag your mouse over the screen to make your selection. After selecting the first file, an action bar will appear at the bottom of your window.

Select multiple files

From that action bar, based on your workspace permissions, you can:

  • Add the files to another Collection

  • Download the selected files

  • Share the selected files

  • Delete the selected files

Three-dot action bar

From the three-dot menu icon, you can

  • Edit the selected files

  • Add teams and/or users to collaborate on the selected files

  • Copy the file IDs of the selected files to your clipboard

  • Or Archive the selected files

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