You can edit a single file or multiple files in your Stockpress workspace as well as change Collection names. If you are the owner of the file, or you have the ability to edit a file, you can change titles, descriptions, file status, visibility, and add or remove tags. With Collections, you can edit the Collection name or move the Collection to a different Collection.

Edit single file view

You can edit a file in the single file preview.

Edit the title, file status, or description by simply clicking the field.

Add keywords

To add or remove keywords, expand open any custom category and click the field to edit. Hit enter on your keyboard or click the checkmark to save your changes.

Select edit from the three-dot icon

To edit multiple files at once, select the files you want and click the three-dot icon in the action bar, and select edit. The edit modal will open where you can make your changes.

Make your changes to singular files one at a time or all files at once and click save.

Edit Collection icons

To edit a Collection, hover over the Collection thumbnail, click the three-dot icon, and select edit.

Edit Collection modal

From the edit Collection modal, you can change the Collection name, move the Collection to another Collection, or change if collaborators can add/remove files.

Once you’ve made your changes, click Save.

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