If you have files in a Collection and you would like to move them to another Collection, or you have added a file to a Collection by accident - you can move those files by dragging and dropping them to the new Collection, or using the Stockpress move tool.

To drag and drop, click and drag your mouse to select the files you want, then click and drag them to a visible Collection. You can also drag files or an entire Collection to your sidebar's Featured Collections, or My Collections.

Move files from one Collection to another

To select files manually, click the small checkbox in the the top right of each file you want to move and click the ‘move’ icon from the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Move icon

Select the Collection you would like to move the files to or create a new one then click move.

Move modal

Your files are now moved to the new Collection.

If you would like to move a single file, hover over the file and click the ‘move’ icon. Follow the same steps as above and your file will be moved to the new Collection.

If you ever need to edit files or Collections you can do so easily - read more here.

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