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Everything you need to know to get the most out of your Stockpress workspace

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Uploading or importing files and folders into your workspaceLearn how to get files or folders into your workspace from your desktop or external platforms.
Adding a Link CardGet to know Link Cards and how to use them in your workspace
Using My CollectionsGet the most out of the My Collections area and keep Collections private, just for you.
Searching for files and collectionsFind what you’re looking for with our visual search and dynamic file filters.
Adding expiration dates to filesLearn how to enable and add expiration dates to files in your workspace
Importing files into StockpressConnect and import files to Stockpress from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.
FTP importerImport files to you workspace via FTP
Custom pagesCreate brand pages, event recaps, Collection portals, and more.
Identifying duplicate filesLearn how to keep your workspace organized by identifying duplicate files and images.
Related filesSee related files based on shared metadata.
Zoom in on filesGet a closer look at your files using our file zoom feature
Adding tags to your filesTags are used to help you search and filter for files. They can be applied manually or with our AI Tagging tool.
Moving files from one Collection to anotherLearn how to move files in your Stockpress workspace.
Adding files to multiple Collections from another CollectionDiscover workspace tools where one file can live in multiple places without ever being duplicated.
Track uploadsView the history of files uploaded into your workspace from one place.
Editing files and CollectionsEdit single files, multiple files and collections.
Archiving files and CollectionsArchive files and Collections to remove them from your main visual search and filters without deleting them from your Workspace.
Collection BuilderA visual way to create Collections using files in your workspace.
Creating Collections with files already in StockpressOrganize files into your own private Collections for quick and easy use.
Changing your file viewsView your files in a grid, list or masonry format.
Dynamic filters for your files and CollectionsUsing dynamic file filters to refine your files to find what you are looking for.
Metadata mappingLearn how to enable and use metadata mapping in your workspace
External upload pagesHow to create external upload pages and receive files from people without adding them as a user in your workspace
Favoriting files and CollectionsLearn how to favorite files and Collections so you can access them quickly and easily