If you decide to invite your clients and partners to your workspace, you can decide what they can do with custom roles.

By default, regular ‘user’ roles can upload, download and share files that they have been invited to collaborate on, but will only be able to edit or delete files and Collections that they have uploaded or created.

To keep track of your external users, you could create a custom role called ‘Clients’ and decide what they can do by adjusting the capabilities related to that role.

To create a custom role, go to the settings area and click ‘Roles’.

Create custom roles

Click the “+ Add custom role” button in the top right corner.

Name your role and give it a short description. This will help you to quickly identify what that role can do when assigning it to new users.

Click Save.

Now that the role is created, you can switch to the Capabilities tab.

Click the toggle to turn on capabilities for files and Collections.

When you’re ready to publish your role, click save and your role has been created.

Capabilities toggle

You can now assign this role to users under the Permissions and Teams tab when editing or creating a new user.

Set user permissions

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