Before you add a user to your Stockpress platform, make sure that you want them to be able to log in and see all of your public Collections. If you only want to share a Collection or files with them, consider sharing via email or a link.

Add a new user

To add, edit or deactivate a user, click on ‘Users’ in the settings area of your workspace.

Add profile information

To add a user, click the '+ add user' button.

Add their name, email address, optional contact details, and even a photo (they can also add this later). When a user is created, an introduction email is automatically sent to them with details about how to log in and set their password - so you must use a valid email address.

Send a notification to new users

If you want to add a user to your Stockpress platform, but you don’t want them to be notified that you have added them, simply deselect the ‘Send the new user a welcome email’ checkbox. To send them their activation link later, click on the three-dot icon from the user's landing page and click ‘send activation email’.

Set new user permissions and teams

Click on the Permissions & Teams tab to set a role for your new user. The role you select will assign them the associated permissions. You can change the role at any time. Find out more about user roles here.

Add to user teams

After selecting their role, you can select what team they should belong to. By adding a user to a team they will automatically be able to see files and Collections that that particular team can collaborate on.

To edit a user, simply click on their name in the list view to edit their details or change their user role or team(s).

Edit a user

To deactivate a user, click on the three-dot icon to the far right of the user’s name in the list view and select deactivate. All of the user’s assets will still be available on the platform, but they will no longer receive notifications and they will be removed from all teams as well as the user list when sharing or inviting to collaborate. If a user owns files and Collections in your workspace, you can assign them to another user.

If you don't want to add a new user to your workspace, you can always share files with people via email or share links.

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