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Creating Teams in your workspace
Creating Teams in your workspace

Organize your users into Teams so you can easily give multiple users at a time access to Collections and files.

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Teams in Stockpress allow you to organize your workspace users based on business units, projects, clients, and more. Teams are a great way to quickly give access to files and Collections to multiple workspace users at one time. When giving access to a Team instead of individual users, it can allow you to add and remove users from Collection access quickly, through Teams. For example, let's say you created a Marketing team in Stockpress and they have access to all your Collections of marketing materials and files in your workspace. When you hire new marketing team members for your business, you can add them to your Marketing workspace Team and they will automatically have access to everything they need to get started.

Creating Teams

There are two ways to create a Team in Stockpress.

  • From the Quick add link in the top-right-hand corner of your workspace

  • From the Teams area in your settings

Quick add modal

To quickly add a Team, click the user + icon in your header and select Create new team.

Quick create a Team in Stockpress

This will bring up the quick add modal.

Create a new Team modal

From there, you can give your Team a name and optionally add a description. Adding a description of what the Team can do will be helpful as a reference later.

Click save and your new Team will be created. You can add and/or remove users from this team at any time. Learn how to invite users to your workspace here.

Create Teams from your settings

You can also create Teams from your settings area. There are more advanced settings available there and you can manually assign users from your workspace to your new Team, at the same time.

To access the Teams area, click on your user icon in the top-right corner of your workspace and select All Settings.

Click on Teams in the settings area of your workspace.

Create Teams from your workspace settings
Add Team button

From within the Teams area, you can edit an existing team or add a new one by clicking the + Add Team button at the top-right corner of the page.

Add a name and description for your new Team

Give your team a name and an optional description. Adding a description of what the team can do will be helpful as a reference later.

Tip: If the Team you are creating will contain users that you want to automatically have access to all files and Collections you make, you can optionally check the Automatically give file and Collection access to this Team when uploading files checkbox. This will automatically assign access to this Team on every upload.

Click save and your Team is created.

Adding custom capabilities

Now that your Team is created, By default, users added to teams will retain their user role capabilities but you can also assign custom team capabilities if you want to control what this team can do with files they have been invited to collaborate on.

Edit your Stockpress Team capabilities

For example, if you want to allow all users in a Team to edit any files and/or Collections that they have access to, you can toggle on the Edit files and/or Edit Collections under the Team Capabilities tab. Remember, by default, users can only edit files and Collections that they have uploaded or created unless they belong to a specific custom user role that specifies editing capability. Learn more about custom user roles here.

Adding users

Click on the Users tab and type a workspace user's name or email to select and add them to this Team.

Tip: Workspace users can belong to multiple Teams!

Add your workspace users to a Team

You can also assign users to Teams when inviting a new user to your workspace. Learn about inviting users here.

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