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Uploading or importing files and folders into your workspace
Uploading or importing files and folders into your workspace

Learn how to get files or folders into your workspace from your desktop or external platforms.

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There are a few different ways to get files into your Stockpress workspace.

You can:

  1. Drag and drop files or folders from your desktop

  2. Click the Upload button

  3. Import files and folders from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive

Creating a Collection

To add files, navigate to the Collection where you want them to live or optionally create a new Collection by clicking the +Create new Collection button

Create a new Collection of files

In the Create new Collection modal you can:

  1. Give your Collection a name. Make this descriptive so it can be found later using the visual search.

  2. Add an alternate Collection date (if this is turned on in your workspace settings) this allows you to back or forward-date the creation of the Collection.

  3. Adjust the parent Collection where your new Collection lives

  4. Adjust the visibility. Restricted means that only you will see this Collection unless invite teams or users to collaborate. Open means that anyone with a login to your workspace will be able to see this Collection. Just because a Collection is Open, does not mean the files inside have to be. You can have both Open and Restricted files within a Restricted Collection.

    1. If a Collection is set to Restricted you can optionally decide if users with access can add new files to it, or remove files from it.

Create new Collection modal

Click save to create your new Collection and click into it to add your files

Drag and Drop files

From inside a Collection, you can:

  1. Drag and drop files or entire folders onto your screen. Folders will be automatically converted to Collections so you can retain your structure.

  2. Import your files from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive

  3. Create an external upload page where you can receive files from users external to your workspace.

From the Upload / Import button

Select Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box from the empty Collection.

Or, you can click the Upload button at the top of your workspace and select File, Folder, or import from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

The upload modal

The file upload screen will appear whichever you choose, where you can fill out some optional fields.

Tag your files in the upload modal

Adjust the File name and File description fields by adding keywords that will allow for easier searching. Original file names are also always searchable - we don't remove any of your files original data.

Change title and descriptions of your files

Add tags to your files. These are all specific to your platform and the more you tag your files, the easier it will be for you to find them later.

Add tags to your files

You can optionally invite teams and users to collaborate. Find out more about collaboration here. You can always do this later.

Invite workspace collaborators

In the upload modal, expand open the 'Add workspace collaborators' toggle and select your teams and/or users.

Click save and your files are added to your new Collection.

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