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Can I add a file to multiple Collections?
Can I add a file to multiple Collections?

Learn about Collections and how to use them.

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You can add files to multiple Collections that are already in your Stockpress workspace during upload, or from a file view.

If the file(s) are already in your workplace, hover over the file and click the box in the top right corner to select it. Keep selecting files until youโ€™ve selected all that you need.

Stockpress action bar

After selecting the first file, an action bar will appear at the bottom of your window. Click the โ€˜+โ€™ icon to open the Collection modal.

Add files to a Collection modal

Type the Collection name you are looking for into the field and select it, or click the โ€˜+' icon to create a new Collection.

Click add and your files are now added to the new Collection.

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