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Giving teams and users access to Restricted files and Collections
Giving teams and users access to Restricted files and Collections

What is Collection access, how is it different than sharing, and how should you use it.

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Every Stockpress user, by default, can only see files they have uploaded and Collections they have created, have been given access to, or are Open in the workspace. If you upload files to a Collection and would like another user or Team of users in your workspace to see them too, you must give them access.

You can do this from a Collection thumbnail or in the upload modal when adding your files.

Assigning access from a Collection thumbnail

Sharing a Collection from a thumbnail preview

To give access to teams and users outside of the upload modal, hover over a Collection thumbnail and click the Share/Access icon.

Add collaborators

The Share/Access modal can also be accessed from within a Collection by clicking the three-dot menu to the right of the Collection name.

Assign access and share in the same modal

Depending on your workspace defaults, your Collection will be set to Restricted or Open. Use the dropdown to change the visibility.

If a Collection is Restricted, you can add teams and users by typing the team name or the users' name in the access field. If you need to add a new user or team, you can click the 'plus' icon to the right of the access field.

Access settings

By default, any files added to a restricted Collection later will be visible to all users and teams you have given access access to.

Additional share and access settings

You can put additional restrictions on access by clicking the settings icon. From there you can:

  • Change the access to current files only. Any files added to this Collection after adding collaborators, will not be visible to those users or Teams.

  • Uncheck the checkbox that grants access to all Collections inside this Collection. You may want to do this if you're giving access to a Collection of files, but don't want these teams and users to see the sub-Collections.

Assigning access during an upload

Assign access to files in Stockpress during upload

In the upload modal, expand open the 'Access for users and teams' toggle.

Access for teams dropdown

Add your teams and/or users. Teams have been set up by your administrator and are made up of other Stockpress users. Find out more about teams here.

To add an individual user, type their name in the 'add users' section. You can add as many users as you'd like.

Click save when your upload is ready. When you give access to files in a modal, the access will automatically be given to the Collection(s) the files are uploaded to as well.

You can manage Collection access at any time by clicking the share icon again and adding or removing users or teams.

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