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Creating Collections

Collections help organize groups of common files without duplicating them.

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Collections are like invisible folders. In your Stockpress workspace, files can live across multiple Collections without being duplicated. Collections are simply a way to ‘wrap’ files and organize your workspace. Not all files that live in your Stockpress workspace need to be assigned to a Collection but if files are similar, Collections can help you find them quickly.

Add Collection button

To create a Collection, click the ‘+ add Collection’ button in the top right corner of any Collection. Collections can live inside of any Parent Collection as well.

Collection visibility and collaboration checkboxes

Collection name and Parent Collection

Give your Collection a name and see visually where your Collection will be in your Collections preview.

Visibility settings

If your Collection is inside another Collection, you can copy the visibility settings of the Parent Collection, to your new Collection, by keeping the checkbox checked. This means that if the parent Collection is private but teams and users were invited to collaborate, those same settings will apply. To apply different permissions to your new Collection, simply uncheck the checkbox.

Collection collaboration

Decide if other workspace users can collaborate with you on this Collection. By default, allowing collaborators to add or remove files is selected. If you do not want users to be able to contribute to the Collection, uncheck this box.

Feature Collection

If you would like to feature your new Collection in the Featured Collections area in your sidebar, select the checkbox before clicking save. When you feature a Collection, any user or team with access to this Collection will be able to see it in the sidebar of your workspace.

New Collection

Click save and your Collection has been created.

Empty Collection

You can now click into your new Collection and add files by uploading them or adding them from files already in your workspace. OR, you can create another Collection, inside this Collection, following the same steps above.

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