In a traditional folder structure, if you want to add a file that lives in one folder, into another folder, you have to copy that file and move the copied file to the new folder. Now that file is not only in two folders, but there are two of them! Changes to one file won’t affect the other and continuing to copy files could lead to a mess. Which files are the most up-to-date? Which are the originals, etc.? When you manage a lot of assets, it will soon be hard to tell.

With Collections, one file can live across multiple Collections without ever being duplicated.

Stockpress Collection

Let’s say that you are a project manager and you want to share 25 of your favorite images from a recent photoshoot with your client. There are over 100 images and you don’t want them to see all the outtakes and bad shots. With a traditional file structure, you could create a new folder called ‘selects’ and either move the 25 selected images to that new folder (now they are gone from the original folder) or copy them to a new folder (now you have 2 of each of those 25 selects - taking up more file storage space).

Collections in the single file view

With Stockpress Collections, you can select the 25 images that you want to share with your boss and create a new Collection called ‘selects’. This creates a new Collection in your Stockpress workspace that you can invite your client to collaborate on OR share through an external shareable link. Files are not duplicated and you can always delete the 'selects' Collection if and when it is no longer needed without deleting the files inside.

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