Collection Builder

A visual way to create Collections using files in your workspace.

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You can use the Collection Builder to visually create, or add to a Collection of files already in Stockpress, or see what’s in a particular Collection while searching for additional files.

Open in Collection builder icon

To open a Collection in the Builder, simply hover over a Collection and click the ‘Open in Builder’ icon.

Collection builder

OR you can click the Collection Builder icon in the top right of your workspace and search for the Collection you want to add to.

Add to Collection Builder

With the Builder open, you can now run a search or filter for additional files to add to it. To add files, simply hover over a file and click the ‘add to’ icon. This text will reflect the name of the Collection in your Builder so you know your file is going to the right place!

Open Collection Builder

You can open and close your Builder bar at any time by clicking the Collection Builder icon at the top right of the page.

Switch between what Collection you are building by clicking the dropdown and selecting or searching for the Collection you want to build.

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