Creating file statuses

Create unlimited file statuses to help you find what you're looking for, faster, with our dynamic file filters.

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File statuses allow you to create optional statuses to apply to your files. These statuses are available in your dynamic file filters and can be used to narrow down files.

File statuses

To add, edit or remove a file status, click on ‘file statuses’ from the settings area of your workspace.

Name your file status

To add a new status, click the ‘+ Add file status’ button. Add your status name, select the appropriate color and click save. Your new status will now be available to apply to any file in the upload modal or while editing in your Stockpress platform.

To edit a status, click the name and change it in the edit modal. Select the appropriate color and click save.

Edit your file status

To remove a file status, click on the three-dot icon to the far right of the status name in the list view and select delete. If you delete a status it will be permanently removed from all assets that it was associated with.

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