Find what you’re looking for with our visual search and dynamic file filters.

Our visual search bar will search file names, descriptions, and any tags you add to your files throughout your entire workspace and your archive.

Visual search

Start by typing the file name, Collection name, or tag - for example, 'bike'. This will show all files and Collections where the file name, description, or Collection name matches your search term.

From the visual dropdown, click directly into the file or collection, or click view all files or view all collections to display the results on the screen.

File filters

If you want to immediately see all files related to your search, click enter after typing your search terms to display a standard list of files related to your search.

File filter icon

To narrow down your search results even further, use our dynamic file filters to refine by file type, orientation, upload date, tags, and more. Filters will automatically appear in your sidebar after running a search.

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