You can add an optional watermark in your workspace settings to be used on your image files. Watermarks can be set to appear based on custom user roles, and/or when you set files to expire.

To add a watermark, head to your workspace settings by clicking your user icon and clicking All Settings.

From there click on Workspace settings

Scroll down to the Watermark section.

Add a watermark to your images

Click the Upload button to select a file. Transparent PNG files with a slight opacity are suggested.

Upload a watermark

Once your image has been uploaded, you can select the position for your watermark. Options are center, top right, bottom right, top left, bottom left, or tile.

Select a watermark position

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to apply the changes.

How watermarks can be used

Watermarks can be used on images after they expire, and/or on image files based on a custom user role assigned to a workspace user.

To set up watermarks on expired files, scroll to the bottom of the workspace settings page and toggle on Enable expiration dates on files. Once toggled on, a new option, Action after files expire will appear. From the dropdown, select Add watermark.

With expiration dates on files* enabled, you can now add an expiration date to a file, or files, in your workspace. Once the file(s) expires, your new watermark will be added when the file is downloaded. Find out more about file expiration dates here.

*Note: watermarks are only available on image files.

Watermarks can also be made visible on all of your image files based on a user's custom role. To enable watermark previews, go to your settings and click on Roles.

From here you can add a new custom role, or edit a role you have already created.

Click on the Capabilities tab and scroll to the Watermarked previews only option. Turn the toggle on and click Save.

With watermark previews enabled, all image files in your workspace, accessible by users in this custom role, will contain your watermark.

Find out more about custom user roles here.

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