All shares sent through your Stockpress workplace are tracked under the Shares area in your workspace sidebar. To access Shares, click on the three-dot icon and select Shares.

Track shares in your Stockpress workspace

You can see the history of each share you have created and track the views.

As an admin, the default view is all of your workspace shares. From the dropdown at the top of the page, you can select a specific user to see their shares or select yourself.

Check your share views or users

The icons on the right represent the type of share link that was created.

Share icon descriptions

Editing share links

To edit a share, click the three-dot icon to the right of the share-type icons and select Edit from the dropdown menu.

Edit a share

This will open the share modal and you can adjust the share link settings.

Share edit modal

If you want more information on the history of a single file, as an administrator you can view the full file history.

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