With Stockpress, one file can live in multiple Collections without being duplicated - but sometimes unnecessary copies may have been uploaded by accident. Or, if you have imported files from another platform such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, you may have multiple copies of the same file across your workspace.

It’s time to clean it up!

Identify duplicates in your workspace

To get started click on the three-dot icon in your sidebar.

We’ll automatically scan your workspace for duplicate and similar files each time you complete an upload. You decide what you want to delete, merge, or archive.

Toggle duplicate files

You can toggle from Duplicate images to Duplicate files (like video or PDFs) at any time from the dropdown in the top right.

Merge or delete your duplicate images

To delete or merge duplicate images or files, select the file from the left column to display all relevant duplicates. From there you can toggle open the details of each file and select the ones you want to delete or merge.

Deleting files removes them completely from your workspace, and merging files will allow you to combine all relevant titles, descriptions, and tags into ONE file. If your duplicates live across multiple Collections, your merged file will also remain in these Collections.

Merge your duplicate files

If you decide to merge your files, the image merge window will open. Here you can adjust your file name, description, and tags. Any changes that you make in the image merge window will be applied to the new merged file.

Your file has been merged

Once your files have been merged you can open the file to review your changes. Toggle open the Collections section to see that your single file has replaced your duplicate files.

Archive or delete similar images

In addition to duplicate images and files, we identify similar files in your workspace. Similar files cannot be merged because they are not the same - but if you see files similar files that can be removed from your workspace you can delete or archive them.

If you decide not to merge duplicate images and files or similar images, you can ignore them by clicking the eye thumbnail at the top of the preview set. Doing this will remove the set of files or images from your list and your workspace will not show them again.

By identifying your duplicates and similar files you can not only save on your storage costs, but you’ll reduce confusion over which file is the right one!

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