Creating private collections for yourself can help you get to the files you need quickly and easily without affecting other workspace users. For example, you might want to create a separate Collection containing files from a search for an upcoming project, OR you might want to add files from one Collection to a new Collection, to identify your favorites.

Create a new Collection from a file search.

To create a Collection of files, run a search or filter, or select the files you want to use from another collection.

Filter by keywords and metadata

Click the “add” icon in the action bar across the bottom of the page and in the add to Collection modal, search for your Collection (if it is already created) or click the "new Collection" button to create a new one.

Create a new Collection

Make sure your parent Collection group is set to “My Collections” if you want to keep this Collection private to you and name your new Collection.

Add a Collection name

Click Save.

Your new Collection is now created.

Click save again to add the files to your new Collection. You can visit the 'My Collections' area to see your new Collection.

Select a Collection modal
My Collections

If you already have a ‘favorites’ Collection created and you want to add more files to it, follow the same rules from above and simply type the name of the collection in the add modal OR try using the Collection Builder to quickly add new files to it. Find out more about the Collection Builder here.

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