To create a team in Stockpress, click on ‘Teams’ in the settings area of your workspace.

Add a team to your workspace

Here you can create teams of users so you can collaborate and share files and/or Collections with them quickly and easily.

Add team name and description

Click ‘+ Add a team’ and give your team a name and a description. Adding a description of what the team can do will be helpful as a reference later. Click save and your Team is created.

Now you can set optional team capabilities and add users. By default, users added to teams will retain their user role capabilities but you can also assign custom team capabilities if you want to control what this team can do with files they have been invited to collaborate on.

Edit team capability toggles

To assign custom Team Capabilities switch to the Capabilities tab.

Click the toggle to turn on capabilities for files and Collections.

Add team members

Click on the ‘Members’ tab and type a member’s name or email to select and add them to this Team. You can also assign users to Teams when adding or editing a user.

Click save and your Team has been created.

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