If you no longer want a file, files, or a particular Collection and the files in it to appear to your users in the visual search or filters, you can archive them. Only admins have archive capability unless you specify this capability in a custom user role. You can allow custom user roles to browse the archive by enabling this capability in your workspace settings.

three-dot archive icon

To archive a single file, hover over the file and select the archive icon from the three-dot menu.

Archive from the action bar

To archive multiple files, select the files you want to archive and select the archive icon from the three-dot menu in your action bar at the bottom of the page.

Archive from a Collection

To archive an entire collection, hover over the Collection and click the archive icon. From the archive modal, select the checkbox ‘also archive files inside the Collection’ if you wish to archive all files that live in this collection as well. If you select this option the files will be archived from all Collections they belong to.

If you decide to archive only the Collection and not the files, any file not associated with another Collection can be found in the ‘all files’ area.

Archive files modal

Archived files and Collections will no longer be visible to general users in the main visual search or dynamic filters - but admins, or any custom user role with ‘browse archived’ capabilities, will be able to browse them.

Archived files and Collections in the visual search dropdown

If any archived file or Collection matches a search team, you will see that there are matching files in your archive. You can click directly into the archive from the visual search to access these files.

View archived files

From the archive, you can return to your active files by clicking the ‘return to active files’ button at the top of the page.

You can unarchive any file, files, or Collections by clicking the unarchive icon on Collections or selecting unarchive from the three-dot menu on a single file or your action bar at the bottom of the page for multiple files. Unarchiving a file will return it to the Collection(s) that it originally belonged to, and unarchiving a Collection will return it to its Collection Group.

You can also add new versions of files in Stockpress that will replace the previous version of the file in the visual search and dynamic file filters.

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