File versioning

Keep new versions of working files together to avoid duplicate content.

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To help keep your workspace organized, you can upload new versions of files so that they stay together as one file vs. multiple files with different names. To upload a new version of a file, navigate to the file you want to update and click to the single file preview.

File version button

From the preview, click on the versions icon in the top right corner.

All previous versions of this file will appear in a list and you can upload a new version at the top.

Click “+ Upload a new version of this file” and select the file from your computer.

Upload a new version

When the file is successfully uploaded, the previous version will be available in the file versions list. You can view or revert to previous versions at any time.

When versioning files, the most recent version will appear in all search and filter results.

If you have files or Collections that you don't need your users to be able to see anymore, but you don't want to delete them, you can always archive them.

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