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Creating updatable share links

Learn how to create external Collection share links that update when you add more files or Collections to it

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Sometimes you may need to share a Collection of files externally with those who do not have access to your Stockpress workspace.

There are two types of external share links in Stockpress. Static, and updatable.

A static share link is a snapshot of the Collection or files you are sharing at that moment in time. The link will not update.

Updatable share links allow you to add new files or Collections to a shared Collection without creating a new link. The link will update when files are added and/or removed.

Please note: Updatable share links are only available when sharing a Collection.

To create an updatable share link, select the update link checkbox in the Collection Access & Share modal and click done.

With this box checked, any files or Collections that are added to this shared Collection will be visible to anyone with the link.

To change the type of share link after it has been created, you can edit your share at any time. Find out more about editing share links here.

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