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Get to know Link Cards and how to use them in your workspace

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Organize your external project links in the same way that you organize your files.

With the world moving to the cloud, in addition to storing your files in Stockpress, you can now add external links like Google Docs, Figma projects, Adobe Cloud, and more!

We created Link Cards so you can find your project’s working files just as quickly and easily as your final files - all from your Stockpress workspace.

Add a Link Card

To add a Link Card, navigate to the Collection where you want the link to be. Click the arrow to the right of the Upload button and select 'Link Card' from the dropdown.

Link Card URL

Adding a Link Card to a Collection is as easy as adding a file! You can even add multiple Link Cards at once by clicking the '+ Add Link Card' button in the bottom left of the upload modal.

Paste your external link into the 'Add URL for selected links' field.

Adjust the link name, add a description, and even some keywords to help you find it later.

Don't forget Link Card visibility! Visibility keeps Link Cards private - meaning that only you will see them unless you invite teams and users to collaborate, or public - meaning that everyone with a login to your Stockpress workspace can see your files.

Please note: any Link Cards added to a Collection that already has collaborators will inherit the same visibility. You can always edit your Link Cards later if they need to be restricted.

Invite teams and users to collaborate right in the modal. Find out more about collaboration here.

Link Card in a Collection

Click 'Save' and your Link Card will be added to your chosen Collection.

Need to make a change to this working file? No problem! All of your Link Cards will open to their original source so you can keep working! Simply click the Link Card to open it in a new window.

View details of a Link Card icon

To edit your Link Card, hover and click the three-dot icon and select 'edit'

To view details like full description and keywords, select 'view details'.

Link Card details

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