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Dynamic filters for your files and Collections
Dynamic filters for your files and Collections

Using dynamic file filters to refine your files to find what you are looking for.

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In addition to the visual search, you can find what you’re looking for by using our dynamic filters based on criteria such as file status, file type, the date the file was uploaded, tags, and more.

File filters

From the all files tab or within any collection, click the filter icon in your sidebar and select the items you want to filter. Filters are dynamic and will only allow you to select items that will produce files associated with them.

Keywords selected from filters

Filters will also appear after you run any search so that you can narrow down your results even further.

Within a Collection Group, you can also filter by visibility, owner, or creation date.

Narrow down Collections with filters

Using filters can help you narrow down assets very specifically or see all files related to one tag or file type.

For example, all files tagged ‘bike’, with horizontal orientation and a file status of ‘approved’.

Should you need to manage your filters to change the way they are displayed, or to add or remove filters, you can do so from your workspace settings.

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