Adding tags to your files is an important part of making sure that you can find what you’re looking for, effectively. You can use our AI tagging tool for automatic image tagging, or add tags manually under our customizable Custom Categories. Find out more about Custom Categories here.

By default, your instance will have ‘Keywords’ as your first custom category. You can change or delete this custom category at any time.

File upload modal

Tags can be added when uploading your files or when editing a file or files.

From the upload modal, after adding a title or description metadata, scroll down to the Custom Categories section.


Under each Custom Category listed, you can type the tag you would like to add. If the tag has previously been added to files in your workspace, the tag will appear as you type and you can select it. If it is a new tag, it will ask you to create it.

You can tag all of your files at once, or select specific files to tag. This is particularly useful if you are uploading a group of similar files that contain different content.

After adding your tags, click save and the files will be uploaded to your workspace.

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