Every Stockpress user, by default, can only see files and Collections that they have uploaded or created, have been invited to collaborate on, or are public in your workspace. If you upload files to a Collection and you would like someone else within your workspace to see them, you must invite them to collaborate.

You can do this from the upload modal, at the point of adding your files, or later from a Collection thumbnail.

Add workspace collaborators - upload modal

In the upload modal, expand open the 'Add workspace collaborators' toggle.

Workspace collaborators dropdown

Add your teams and/or users. Teams have been set up by your administrator and are made up of other Stockpress users. Find out more about teams here.

To add an individual user, start typing their name in the 'add users' section and select all that apply.

Click save when your upload is ready and those teams and users will now be able to see the files and any Collection(s) that you have specified.

Add collaborators icon

To add collaborators at a later date, hover over a Collection thumbnail and select the collaboration icon to bring up the collaboration modal.

Add collaborators

This modal can also be accessed from within a Collection by clicking the three-dot menu to the right of the Collection name.

collaborators modal

By default, ‘allow collaboration on all files inside this Collection’ is set for current and future files and anything added to this Collection later will be visible to all users and teams with access. If you change this to 'current files only', any files added to this Collection after adding collaborators, will not be visible to those users or Teams.

Add teams and users

Select your teams and/or users.

To select an individual user, start typing their name in the 'add users' section and select all that apply.

Notify teams and users checkbox

If you wish to notify the teams and users with an email saying that you have invited them to collaborate, make sure to keep the 'notify users and teams' checkbox selected. Click save and the users and/or teams will be notified, and the Collection and files will appear in their Stockpress workspace.

You can manage Collection collaborators at any time by clicking the ‘collaborate’ icon again and adding or removing users or teams.

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