All shares sent through your Stockpress workplace are tracked under the ‘Shares’ section. Track views and opens of the shares that you have created, and access files quickly that have been shared with you.

Track shares

To access Share information, click on the Shares navigation item in the left-hand navigation. Switch from ‘All Shares’ and ‘Shared with me’ at the top to change the view.

View share recipients

From the ‘All Shares’ view, you can see when a share link was created, if/when it expires, how many files were in the share, and who it was shared with.

Share recipients modal

Click the info icon in the recipients’ column to see if your share has been viewed and how many times.

From the shared with me view, you can access or re-download anything that has been shared with you through your Stockpress workspace.

If you ever want more information on a file, as an administrator you can view the full file history.

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