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Uploading files and folders to your workspace
Uploading files and folders to your workspace

How to upload files or folders and organize them in your workspace.

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You can drag and drop files or folders of files into your Stockpress workspace.

Upload files

To add files, navigate to the Collection where you want them to live or optionally create a new Collection.

Add a Collection button

Name your Collection

Check the Collection visibility. Private means that only you will see this Collection unless invite teams or users to collaborate. Public means that anyone with a login to your workspace will be able to see this Collection. Just because a Collection is public, does not mean the files inside it are. You can have both public and private files within a private collection.

Click save to create your new Collection and click into it.

Empty Collection

From inside the Collection click the upload button in the top right-hand corner of your workspace, or drag and drop the files from your computer into your screen.

Tag your files

Whichever you choose, the file upload screen will appear where you can fill out some optional fields.

The most important fields to fill in are the file access and the Collection for the selected files. File visibility allows you to keep files private - meaning that only you will see the files unless you invite teams and users to collaborate, or public - meaning that everyone with a login to your Stockpress workspace can see your files.

Add alternative names to your files

Change title and descriptions of your files

Change the title and description fields with keywords that will allow for easier searching. Original file names are also always searchable.

Add tags to your files

Add tags to your files. These are all specific to your platform and the more you tag your files, the easier it will be for you to find them later.

You can also invite teams and users to collaborate. Find out more about collaboration here.

Invite workspace collaborators

In the upload modal, expand open the 'Add workspace collaborators' toggle and select your teams and/or users.

Click save and your files are added to your new Collection.

Upload folders of files

To add a folder of files, or a folder with folders of files inside, simply drag the folder from your computer into your Stockpress workspace.

Upload folders within folders

In the upload modal, you will see the file path created in your workspace. You can adjust names and descriptions, and add tags to your custom categories as above. When the upload is complete, your folder structure will be replicated in your workspace, with Collections created based on your folder names.

Upload a folder path

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