Custom categories are specific to your workspace and allow you to add tags to your files that can be searched and filtered in your workspace.

Add a custom category

By default, Stockpress gives you ‘keywords’ as your first custom category. You can edit or delete this at any time.

Custom category list

To add a new custom category, click the ‘+add new custom category’ button. Give it a name, plural name, and click save. You can add associated tags or add them in real time as you upload your assets.

To modify a custom category, click on the category name to edit it.

Edit a tag

You can also modify tags that are associated with your custom category by scrolling down within a custom category and clicking the tag you would like to change. Edit the name in the modal and click save.

Edit a tag from list view

To delete a tag, click the three-dot action icon and select delete. If you delete a tag, it will be permanently removed from all assets that it was associated with.

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