You can share a single file, multiple files, a single Collection, or multiple Collections externally via a share link.

Share icon

To share a single file, hover over the file and click the share icon.

To share multiple files, drag to select or individually select the files you wish to share and click the share icon from the action bar at the bottom of the page.

Share icon in the action bar

When sharing individual files, you can copy the link using the copy icon, or click link settings for more options.

To share an entire Collection of files, hover over the Collection thumbnail and click the share icon - OR drag to select or manually select a few Collections and a few files at once!

When sharing a Collection(s) link, you can create a static link or an updatable link.

A static share link is a snapshot of the Collection or files you have selected and will only give those with this static link, access to those specific files and/or Collections.

An updatable share link allows you to include new files or Collections, that are added to the shared Collection, in the future.

To create an updatable share link, select the update link checkbox in the Collection share modal and click done.

From the share modal when sharing files or Collections, you can access additional link settings by clicking the cog wheel in the bottom left-hand corner.

Link settings

In the link settings, you can:

Select a template (grid or slideshow)

  • Grid view shows your files in strict columns and rows, slideshows are a different way to share, for example, images, in a scrollable slideshow.

Set an expiration date

  • Set a date that the share link will stop being accessible. Expiration dates are optional but can help you control the external visibility of your files and Collections when shared externally.

Allow the files to be downloaded or make them view only

  • Unselect the ‘allow shared files to be downloaded’ if you want your share to be view-only otherwise, the files can be downloaded by the recipient(s).

Require a login to access or make the link publically available

  • If you want your share link to only be viewable by team members who have a login to your workspace, you can restrict your share to logged-in users. If your share can be viewed publicly, you can allow it to be visible to anyone.

Please note: If you want your workspace users and teams to see these files and Collections in their workspace, consider adding them as collaborators. Find out more about collaboration here.

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