Sharing files and Collections

Create links to files and Collections that can be shared externally with multiple options

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You can share a single file, multiple files, a single Collection, or multiple Collections externally with a share link. There are many combinations of settings from watermarking images to requiring an email address to download.

To share a single file, hover over the file and click the share icon.

Share a single file in Stockpress

To share multiple files, you can drag to select or individually select the files you wish to share and click the share icon from the action bar at the bottom of the page.

Select multiple images at once and share them through the action bar

To share an entire Collection of files, hover over the Collection thumbnail and click the share icon - OR drag to select or manually select a few Collections and a few files at once!

Create an external share link with the share and access button

From the share modal, click set a link to create a share link.

When sharing a Collection(s) link, you can create a static link or an updatable link.

A static share link is a snapshot of the Collection or files you have selected and will only give those with this static link, access to those specific files and/or Collections.

An updatable share link allows you to include new files or Collections, that are added to the shared Collection, in the future.

To access additional share link features, click the cog wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the share link settings.

Adjust your link settings

From the link settings area, you can enable the following features:

Template: Available options match your workspace views - grid, masonry, and tile, with an additional slider view. Your selection will be the initial view on the share link, but recipients can change their personal view.

Expiration date: Setting an expiration date will deactivate the share link and make all shared files, inaccessible on that date.

Allow downloads: With this toggled on, all files will be downloadable. To create a view-only share link, toggle allow downloads off.

Watermark images: If a watermark has been added to your workspace, you can display that watermark on all images in this share link.

Require workspace login: If you need to keep this share link private to only those who have a login to your workspace, you can require them to be logged in to view the share. Anyone without a login, will not be able to view the files.

Require password: Set a customized password that must be entered to access the files in the share link.

Allow comments: Allow anyone to leave comments on files from your share link. Logged-in users will be recognized by their name, while external users will be required to fill in a name field to comment.

Allow favorites: Allow anyone to favorite files from your share link. Logged-in users will be recognized while external users will be recorded as anonymous users.

Enable statuses: If you have added file statuses to your workspace, you can allow share link recipients to add or change those statuses from the share link.

Require email to download: To track downloads by external users, they must add an email address before downloading files. All emails are then available under the details section of your shares page and are exportable to csv.

File sizes: If you have multiple file sizes created in your workspace, you can restrict what sizes are available on this share link.

Once you create a share link, you can change or edit it at any time. Find out more about editing share links here.

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