Share a single file, multiple files, a single Collection, or multiple Collections internally with your users, externally using email addresses, or through an external share link.

Share icon

To share a single file, hover over the file and click the share icon.

To share multiple files, select the files you wish to share and click the share icon from the action bar at the bottom of the page.

Share icon in the action bar

To share an entire Collection of files, hover over the Collection thumbnail and click the share icon - OR select a few Collections and a few files at once!

Allow files to be downloaded checkbox

From the share modal, you can decide how you want to share your file, files, Collection, or Collections. Unselect the ‘allow shared files to be downloaded’ if you want your share to be view-only otherwise, the files can be downloaded by the recipient(s).

Select your template, either a grid or a slideshow. Slideshows are just a different way to share, for example, images.

Copy link in the share modal

Set a link if you want to copy and paste it into an email you are writing, a text, or a chat program. Click ‘set link’ and use the copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard.

Share to email, teams or users

You can also share your files with users or Teams within Stockpress by typing a user or Team name into the ‘share to’ field and selecting them, or adding an external email address. You can select as many users and Teams or add as many email addresses to share with as you’d like.

Add an optional comment or expiration date and click share.

Please note: If you are sharing files or collections with another user within Stockpress - they will be able to see and download the files from the share link but they will not be visible in THEIR Stockpress workspace until you invite them to collaborate. Find out more about collaboration here.

Sharing is a great feature to use if your files are still in progress and you don’t want them to be able to see these files in their workspace until they are final.

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